NBG-418N v2 worked as a client bridge for 2 days then stopped for no apparent reason

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Hi, as the title says, I cannot manage to make my newly bought router to works again after it looses internet connection (internet led was off).

I reseted the router several times, installed the latest firmware, nothing works the internet led still off as soon as I configure the router as a client bridge.

What is strange is I can't access internet but still can ping my modem/router from my ISP if I connect a computer to the router with ethernet. Also I can see my computer connected on my ISP's router configuration page.

I changed nothing from my internet configuration within these two days. I just went home an evening, the internet led was off and I cannot get it to work again.

Thanks for any help provided !

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    My bad, I forgot to configure a static IP before accessing to the router GUI.

    So I manage to get it to work again by setting it's LAN IP outside of the DHCP range of my main modem/router but it only worked for a day as I shut it down for the night and it is not connecting this morning. My main router does not see it and the raspberry pi attached to it via ethernet can't access to internet.

    Will I have to reconfigure this router every two days to make it works ?

    Edit : connected the router to my pc, automatically gets internet. Go on to the raspberry, it is now marked as connected and my primary router sees it but the rasp don't have internet connection, can still command it with my smartphone app so they are on the same subnet and lan
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    Yes if you set up a bridge mode, you can set up a static IP address to access web GUI.
    Mabye it's a DNS issue?
    Try to set up static DNS for Rasberry and access the website again

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