[Nebula] How to optimize wireless performance with WLAN Rate Control?

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Function description:

WLAN Rate Control is the feature to let users set up the basic transmission rate of AP. The higher rate is set, the shorter transmission period can be achieved because less air time will be occupied by management frames.



Lots of management frames transmitted in low rate occupy huge air time, causing service impact to some applications which have less tolerance to traffic congestion.

Increasing the minimum data rate can improve Wi-Fi network performance in high density environments.


1.      Go to Configure > Access points > Radio settings

2.      Adjust basic rate value of each radio to set higher rate for packets transmission, then click Save button to update the configurations.


1.      The clients that do not support the minimum data rate will not be able to connect to the AP that set the WLAN Rate Control. For example, when basic rate is set higher than 11 Mbps, 802.11b station can’t associate to the SSID because beacon can’t be resolved due to unsupported rate.

2.      Radio 6GHz WLAN Rate Control Supported model list:

NWA220AX-6E, WAX620D-6E, WAX640S-6E

3.      NWA1302-AC, WAC5302D-Sv2, WAC5302D-S only supports radio 2.4GHz WLAN Rate Control up to 11Mbps.