New AP NWA50AX disconnects all devices and loses internet connection

Hi, i have a NWA50AX and on occasion he just stops working. My Android Device (Samsung GalaxyS20) tells me there is no Internet on the AP to be found. All my other devices disconnect from the AP and reconnect with the lower graded WiFi signal in my house. The light turns blue and when I reboot the AP everything starts working again.
I tried to lower the the output power with 3dBm but nothing has changed.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot my issue or look at the logs?

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    Good day
    We recommend that you can check the AP POE Switch or AP Adapter first. If it provides the power unstable, it will cause the AP to disconnect at random times or disable some services. If you have some spares, you can change the original one to the spare first.

    If it can't solve your problem, could you help us turn on Zyxel Support Access? You can refer to the hyperlink. Please PM the org name and site name with me.
    We will monitor your setting and event log on Nebula after that.

    thank you

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