NWA50AX how change default WiFi channel assigment

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I just configured NWA50AX access point and found that default channel assigments i.e. channel 1 for 2,4 GHz and 40 for 5 GHz network are not the best for my site as many other AP's uses those channel, unfortunatelly I can't found place (neither web interface nor nebula) to change this, do you have any sollution for that ?

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    Hi @rmacuda


    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Sounds you have fully know which channels are better choice in your environment, then we’ll recommend you can use DCS with manually select channel pool to deploy.


    After device is online and works in Nebula mode, the settings are only allowed to change on Nebula. Please go to Access point > Configure > Radio settings > DCS setting. Firstly, disable DCS client aware to ensure DCS performs always.


    For radio 2.4GHz, you can choose manually deployment and select all channels besides 1 according to your observation.



    Disable Avoid 5G DFS channel and deploy Radio 5GHz as unselect band 1 (36, 40 ,44, 48) for your scenario if AP services in channel width 80MHz.

    Enable Blacklist DFS channels in the presence of radar because there might remain only DFS channels when you unselect band 1 of radio 5GHz.



    Hope the solution answers your question and can lead your deployment more efficient, thank you!






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