Zyxel Security Advisory for multiple vulnerabilities Feb 2022.

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Hi all,

Here is a cross-post if you had not seen it.

https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/12740/zyxel-security-advisory-for-multiple-vulnerabilities#latest released in February 2022.

The affected models list for supported products is at https://www.zyxel.com/support/Zyxel-security-advisory-for-multiple-vulnerabilities_Products.shtml

https://sec-consult.com/vulnerability-lab/advisory/multiple-critical-vulnerabilities-in-multiple-zyxel-devices/ has some information as well, including list of EOL products that will not be patched, which might not be complete.

Sec Consult and Zyxel Networks have agreed a partnership, see https://sec-consult.com/blog/detail/zyxel-communications-and-sec-consult-reach-next-level-of-cybersecurity/

The Security Advisories part of the forum is worth looking at https://community.zyxel.com/en/categories/security-advisories

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