[Nebula] How to optimize wireless performance with Deployment selection and Maximum output power?

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The wireless client nowadays usually designed to prefer the 5GHz band over 2.4GHz. Radio 2.4GHz is shared with a lot of other devices (Bluetooth, microwave) which may generate interference. Wi-Fi signal can also interfere with each other if using the same channel. In radio 2.4GHz, there are 13 channels available and only 3 are non-overlapped that have less interference. In radio 5GHz, up to 25 channels are available and all the channels are non-overlapped. The conclusion is for radio power setting suggestions, configure radio 5GHz power larger than 2.4GHz at least 5dBm.


Function description:

Deployment selection provides recommended output power for 4-type deployment scenario includes Single AP, Low-density (2-5 APs), Moderate-density (6-9 APs), High-density (More than 10 APs). Maximum output power displays the maximum output power for 2.4 / 5 / 6 GHz according to Deployment selection. But you can change the setting from 1-30dBm to custom the output power. By clicking the AP or selecting AP and click edit in the button of page, Maximum output power can be configured per AP for specific scenario.



The value is not the bigger the better, depending on different deployment scenario and wireless devices. Multiple APs in a limited coverage area should set to lower power to avoid clients connect to distant APs or prevent APs to see too strong signal from each other to cause interference.

(The AP scan result of nearby BSSIDs)



1.    Go to Configure > Access points > Radio settings

2.    Select the Deployment selection according to your AP amount

Single AP

Low-density (2-5 APs)

Moderate-density (6-9 APs)

High-density (More than 10 APs)

3.    Adjust Maximum output power of each radio, then the Deployment selection will become to Custom status

4.    After clicking save, the configuration will be applied to the AP.

5.      If there is any AP deployed for specific scenario or location, you can go to the button of page to click the AP or select the AP and click edit.

6.   Maximum output power can be configured per AP in popup window.



1.      Nebula displays TX power instead of EIRP, without adding antenna gain and array gain.

2.      The maximum power differs from region by regulations in each channels.