Accessing my printer from another VLAN

I have a UnRaid server that is also hosting my Windows VM, which is using VLAN ID 10. My VM can freely access all other devices on the network, however, I am having trouble connecting to the printer.

If I want my VM to access the printer, should I configure Port5 of GS1200-8 as tagged or untagged for VLAN 10? Since the printer is not VLAN aware, it seems logical to leave it as untagged. However, I remember reading about a rule stating each port can only have one untagged VLAN ID. I cannot isolate the printer for the VM only, since other PCs on the network need it as well.

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    What printer is it? I had the same problem this what you need to do my printer is HP the pain is HP only give you drivers if you setup with their app with the printer on the same subnet first.

    Once done you can put the printer back to

    Then what you need to do is make virtual interface on VLAN10

    Make the following NAT rule

    incoming interface VLAN10

    external IP

    internal IP

    Service-Group with TCP 80, 9100 and UDP 161

    routing rule

    incoming interface

    member VLAN10


    Service-Group with TCP 80, 9100 and UDP 161

    next hop

    type interface

    interface LAN1

    SNAT outgoing-interface

    Then on the PC on VLAN10 go to:

    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers

    click add a printer then “The printer that I want isn't listed”

    select “add a printer using an IP address or hostname” click next

    device type TCP/IP device and enter

    This will get you to print but not use the scanner

    You might be able to get way with doing NAT and routing if PC on VLAN10 has a gateway set where I do not and just setup the printer by IP in windows.

    On a side note I fixed being able to use the scanner just add the route rule in windows like this.

    route /p add mask

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     Guru Member and in which zone are for USG40?
  • is in zone LAN1 is in a zone I created VLAN10

  • Thanks for the detailed reply. I am not a network guru, but I managed to digest it enough to put in the proper rules. I can now ping and access the printer's web portal from the VM now.

    After some searching and reading, it seems like this yet to be implemented feature will greatly reduce the amount of work needed for problems like this. Hopefully Zyxel will get this ready soon.