Cloud saving mode - Zyxel is breaking basic functionality

I'm a IT professional. I advised Zyxel Wifi to al lot of clients and relatives  because of hassle free management of small organisations and home installations.
Newest thing nowadays is cloud saving mode. (???????)

I'm having second toughts now. I probably will not advice this system anymore. 
Zyxel is breaking existing functionality. When i bought this system for several relatives it was included in the free license to troubleshoot direct and very easily. No such thing as cloud saving mode.
Nowadays the system becomes more difficult to troubleshoot. Have to wait too long after disabling cloud saving mode.  I hope Zyxel will evaluate their decision to break basic functionality. At the moment it seems to be a safer bet to invest in Ubiquity. No functionality will taken away from existing customers after their purchase.

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    Thanks for using and helping to promote our product :) , due to the growing number of global online devices, therefore to ensure Nebula cloud center can sustain the service quality of the installations, it also can help the customer to save the network usage from devices to Nebula, cloud saving mode (CSM) was implemented.

    You can avoid the organization become CSM by visit the organization within 30 days, besides to upgrade the organization to pro/plus. Hope you can understand. 


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