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Nebula phase 15.0.1 released new firmware management. It is evolved to have multiple firmware types. Admin can choose Ignore upgrade to manage the device downtime. UI is enhanced to provide comprehensive information to help Admin manage firmware upgrades.

This topic will introduce the difference between the previous and current versions of firmware management and the new function.


  • Difference between the previous and current version
    As the below screenshots, the UI of firmware management has a huge improvement with more comprehensive information. Also, the upgrade schedule is more flexible.

    [BEFORE] Organization-wide > Configure > Firmware Management

    [AFTER] Organization-wide > Organization-wide manage > Firmware Management > Overview

    [AFTER] Organization-wide > Organization-wide manage > Firmware Management > Devices

    [BEFORE] Site-wide > Configure > Firmware Management

    [AFTER] Site-wide > Configure > Firmware Management > Overview

    [AFTER] Site-wide > Configure > Firmware Management > Devices

  •  Firmware status and Overview
    Add Firmware Status and Overview of each product (AP/ Switch/Security Appliance/Mobile Router) to provide general firmware information and recommendations.

    Below are the examples:

  • Firmware Schedule
    1. Provide Auto (Default) Firmware Upgrade day/time of each product (AP/Switch/Security Appliance/Mobile Router).

    2. Provide ignore upgrade option to prevent automatic firmware updates (unless a critical update is necessary).

    3. Provide options to select between the stable or latest firmware type.

  • Firmware status in the Devices tab
    1. Add Firmware Type display filter Availability display filter in Devices Tab.

    2. Added firmware type option for Upgrade Now button.



  1. Zyxel reserves the right to upgrade device firmware if the older firmware will jeopardize, including but not limited to, the security or the integrity of services the device and NCC is designed to perform. Admin will be informed in advance if such a situation occurs.

  2. Definitions for Firmware Status:


    The Nebula Device is running stable firmware and no immediate action is required. Might not be the latest but operates smoothly.


    A newer firmware is available and immediate action is recommended. It may contain security enhancements, new features, and performance improvements.


    A newer firmware is available and immediate action is required. It may have vulnerabilities and/or lack key performance improvements.


    The Nebula Device is running a firmware with specialized features that is not available to the general public.

  3. Definitions for Firmware Type:


    Most recent firmware release


    Previous firmware release with no major issues

    General Availability

    The device is using the official firmware release but not the Latest or Stable version


    ·Firmware version locked by Zyxel Support team for prolonged issue monitoring

    ·Zyxel Support must unlock the device firmware in order for NCC to make any firmware changes to this device


    The unofficial firmware version for hotfixes


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