When the monitoring page of a switch or access point is opened, the map zooms out to display all switches/access points belonging to the site.
If there are several switches/access points, this makes it difficult to determine the location of the specific switch/access point that I am looking for.

Perhaps have the Map center on the current switch/access point
or only display the current switch/access point
or have it zoom in closer on the active switch/access point, even if that means other devices on the site are out of view on the map
or have the current switch/access point display in a different color
or add a button to zoom in on the current switch/access point
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    Hi @SkyGoat,

    Many thanks for your idea, currently the Nebula will highlight the device with thick border. But if there are many devices in one place, you may not figure out which device is the current one.
    We'll evaluate it and anyone who likes this idea please leave a comment below or vote for it. 

    Zyxel Melen

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