[NEBULA] Guest-WLAN Authorisation by SMS / Mobilenumber?

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Hi @ all

Is it possible to authenticate a guest-account by his cellphone-numer / SMS? This funktion is working in UAG-devices, but is it also possible in nebula? I`ve got only the options nebula cloud authentication, My RADIUS server and Facebook.. We want to authenticate guestusers by their cellphonenumers, because of regulatories of our country in case of problems/illegal activities..

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    Thats some interesting law you have, I don't think I've seen such features anywhere on the control center as well, maybe zyxel has an office or distributor in your region that have solution for this, worth a try contacting them I guess .
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    Hello. You can call Studerus AG and ask for Mr. Bosshard (Project Manager) about it. We have a solution using a local partner. 

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