i cant update my router VMG3625-T50B

During the VMG3625-T50B firmware upgrade I'm facing the following error:
Image uploading failed. The selected file is an illegal image. You may press 'Cancel' to upload another firmware image file, or press 'OK' to reboot to recover normal operation.
My Current Firmware Version: V550ABTL0b2r
Newest version: V550ABPM6C0
or :5.50(ABPM7.1)C0
Could you help me?

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  • onesmartsheep1
    I guess you must try informing the community exclusively. I would suggest you to go and report the error. Hopefully, you will get help soon.  :)
  • tonygibbs16
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    Hello @beka

    Unfortunately, the newer version is incompatible with the firmware version you already have.
          - the newer version is ABPM (therefore uncustomised) whereas you have ABTL (which is a customised firmware.)

    If you can, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a customised firmware update.

    Kind regards,
  • Kyrillos11
    My current firmware version is V550ABTL0b2r did you know where can I find it? beka  ,onesmartsheep1 
  • Kyrillos11
    My current firmware version is V550ABTL0b2r did you find it? beka  ,onesmartsheep1 
  • Kyrillos11

    You gave me this version but it doesn't work

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