NSG100 Remote Access VPN Not working (Licence?)

Hi, we use an NSG100 and have Remote access VPN setup. I have not used it for a while and it now does not connect. We are on base pack, do we need to buy a licence to make the VPN work, thanks? See attached screenshot.

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    Hi @Headmaster,

    The base pack also can use the L2TP VPN.
    What is your symptom? Is that your Windows PC cannot connect to it?
    Could you share the error message on your Windows PC that you cannot connect to VPN?

    Also, could you help to enable Zyxel support and let me know your organization name? I can help to clarify this problem.
    Please go to Help > Support Request > Zyxel support access to enable and save.

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    Melen, thanks I got it working now by resetting my NIC adaptor, cheers!

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