Hello,vmg8825-b50b is it possible to run as a wifi repeater

I have the vmg8825-b50b and i was Wondering if i Can turn it to a repeater wireless bridge extender wds what ever the correct name is i live in a rented appartement with free wifi but it's in the second floor signal is a bit low and slow.thanks

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    Hello @Imem_belhadj03

    I have looked at the user guide for the VMG88250-B50B home router, and it cannot do what you ask.

    Zyxel has some WiFi Extender repeater products, see https://www.zyxel.com/nl/nl/products/wifi-extender that should work for you, such as the WRE6605 AC1200 Dual Band WIFI Range Extender.
          - which would give you both 5GHz WIFI and 2.4 GHz WIFI.

    I myself use a similar product from TP-Link called the RE300, connected to a Zyxel Home Router.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,
  • Thank you Tony i looked in the zyxel configuration settings and i couldn't find the option i was Wondering if the router is capable of it (hardware) and if there is a custom firmware that Can deliver this feature. Thank you for your response

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