Firmware not updating & devices not moving between APs

I am unable to update my devices within my site, followed the instructions to force an update and it just doesn't appear to be updating.
Secondly, it doesn't appear that my devices are moving smoothly between my three APs on my site (a pub) they appear to just hold one AP even though another AP is closer.
I have changed the MHz of the bands and the dbm of the bands, to try to force the move between the APs. I have given the support team access to the site....

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    Hi @coshea92


    Because the latest version V6.29P0 is temporarily removed due to it has been verified it may cause repeated reboot in worst case scenario, the Nebula Firmware available status will display Upgrade available if device running non V6.29P0 firmware and can’t be upgraded.


    We’ve checked your running version is stable, you can keep use without worries and please ignore if you received upgrade available message.

    More information:


    For the roaming issue, we found some logs show the AP Flat WiFi Router operates interface not properly and we’re checking into it. We’ll update you after confirmation.

    Thank you





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