Do you know? Pay less and secure more from USG FLEX with UTM license bundle

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Are Your VPN/USG Firewalls Getting Old?

Get USG FLEX with UTM Bundle: Pay Less Secure More!

Look at how the cyber Attacks are mounting every day. Are your existing firewalls equipped with reliable security to face it head to head? Why risking it all when you can simply get an UTM-bundled USG FLEX to leverage Zyxel Security Cloud that restlessly gathers every latest threat forensic from worldwide coverage to protect you? USG FLEX default bundled with UTM Security Pack is also a good bargain to grab as opposed to buying the device and the license in separate purchases. So getting USG FLEX with UTM bundle is the best way to pay less and enjoy seamless protection right after your network gets up and running. 

Zyxel Security Cloud

Zyxel Security Cloud has been analyzing all sorts of attacks taking place all over the world and accumulating its core intelligence to an amazing scale, restlessly conveying latest security updates to every Zyxel firewall that runs with “UTM security pack” service on, hence effectively blocking various attacks for you. 

Get USG FLEX with UTM bundle. No More Hassle

In the time of sophisticated attacks, simply any single security service cannot suffice anymore. We know it can be challenging for you to pick all the necessities without anything missing for your business. To your best convenience, USG FLEX offers a simple “Get the device together with security services” package. Picking up an USG FLEX default bundled with UTM security license means you already pack in all high-assurance, multi-layered protection to defend external threats as well as to restrict potentially harmful behaviors from within your network. So, what are you waiting for? Get USG FLEX with UTM security pack bundle, blanket your offices with safest protection of all!

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