Renew Your License to Keep Your Security Gear Going

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Keep Your Security Gear Going

Imagine this situation with your car. If the motor oil for your vehicle goes unchanged for too long, it loses its effectiveness and can no longer adequately protect your engine. Just like the USG FLEX to the extent that if the UTM license is not renewed, the firewall cannot safeguard your business on a regular basis.

The most significant risk of having your firewall security expire comes from failing to protect sensitive information. Depending on the industry you work in, this often includes data that should never fall into the wrong hands. You can also run into the risk of hackers stealing trade secrets that they can sell to other companies within your industry. These are arduous to recover from for any business.

Get You the USG FLEX License Renewed

Renewing will continuously defeat ransomware and block malicious links lurking in phishing attempts. Even with the hiring of additional IT staff, ensuring your security appliances and services are up to date is essential to building an adequate defense.

If you are unsure about the status of your USG FLEX license, visit Zyxel Marketplace to check your status and immediately renew.

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