[NEBULA] Error: 5G Radio Tx stuck internal reset

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In the Event Log i saw the following error message for 1 of my AP's: "5G Radio Tx stuck internal reset"
After i saw a lot of these errors, i disabled 5G for my AP's, also rebooted my AP's. 
I still get the error above.

What is it and what can i do about it?

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    Hello @Dirk

    "5G Radio Tx stuck internal reset" occurs when the AP is under particular wireless environments. This issue occurs more frequently in channels between 149-165. I recommend moving the 5G Radio to a different channel.

    You can manually change the 5GHz channel under AP > Configure > Radio setting.

    Change the default channel (DCS) to a channel further away from 149-165. Preferably channels 36-48.

    Best regards,
    Barney Gregorio

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