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Hi all,

I am a residential user and have an AP upstairs where the bedrooms are. However the LED light started to get annoying so I turned it off in nebula. 

I noticed there’s no ability to schedule the LED light to be on or off, and there’s also no ability to specify it by device. 

I would like to see two new things added to nebula: 

1. Ability to change the LED light per device 
2. Ability to set a schedule per device on which times the LED should be off. 

As an example: “Turn LED off on bedroom AP between 10PM and 9AM” — but keep the LED on the hallway AP on 24/7 

The Hallway LED provides a nice amount of light to help people see in the dark if they’re say getting a glass of water at night so that’s why I’d like to be able to control the LED per device. 

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    Hi there,


    Thank you for your idea. We’ll evaluate this feature thoroughly in the next time.


    Please follow us to know more about new function and feature.

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