Need to roll back firmware

We have 2 NWA50AX units, one directly connected to our lan and the other working as an 'extender'  We are running on F/W v6.29(ABYW.0)

Our connection is very stable and the old Cisco WLAN unit worked fine. Have replaced and extended the network with this new kit.  Now the WiFi is rarely working,  our customers and staff cannot work because of the amount of down time. During this downtime the wired network is working just fine.

I see from forums that there may be issues with 6.29 - is there a chance to rollback to v6.25P10 which I understand was a stable release?

When we first deployed these units everything was good, but I am concerned that this update has introduced issues that didn't exist previously.

Happy to roll the F/W back but can't see how to do it.

Thanks in advance

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