Residential User iPHONE 14 issue

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I have a project - Residential project.
USGFLEX200-Bundled UTM
Nebula Cloud

configuration - flat network

after troubleshooting, diagnose that the network transmitting to the iPHONE but the iphone not transmitting to the network.

wondering anyone face this issue before and any resolve method?

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    We didn't have this issue before, but could you share what situation your iPhone has?
    Does your other device have the same issue?
    If all the devices have the same issue, you need to check your network setting first.
    We provide some steps you can refer to.

    1. Use ping checks to identify where the point of failure is. Have the wireless client ping the following devices: 
    - AP 
    - Switch(s) 
    - Gateway 
    - (Internet)   
    Inspect the network setting of the device so that wireless clients cannot successfully ping.

    2. Use "nslookup" (or similar tools) on wireless clients to check if the DNS server can resolve the domain name of the website you cannot access. If the domain name could not be resolved, manually change the wireless client's DNS server to (Google DNS)](

    If you need us to do further analysis, please help us activate Zyxel Support in the below path(Help>Support Request).So that we can have the privilege to view your setting and the log. Please PM us your org/site name.


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