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In a network with additional public ip addresses, I have installed a usg 110 with static public ip address in WAN1. The configured address is The gateway is
I need to publish a local network machine with ip on the internet. I want to configure the usg so that when an http request arrives on address on port 80 it turns it to address I created a virtual interface with ip but the NAt on the local ip doesn't work. Am I preceding correctly? Best regards

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    The port 80 is the default service port for HTTP on USG110. You can either disable HTTP in System > WWW > Service Control > HTTP or set another port for this service port.

    Besides, you also need to add a security policy rule after NAT rule is created. Go to Security Policy > Policy Control and add a new rule as follows.
    From: WAN, To: LAN1, Destination: IP address of local network machine, Service: 80, Action: allow

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