Can I restore a C2100T backup to a C3000Z router

My ISP recently replaced my C2100T with a C3000Z router because the C2100T failed. Unfortunately, this is used as a short term rental and while I have remote access, I don't think the SSIDs got fully set up correctly as my wireless thermostat cannot connect to the network.  I have a configuration backup of the C2100T router but am hesitant to try to restore it to the C3000Z as I am located about 3000 miles away from the location.  Will the C3000Z router accept the C2100T backup or just reject it entirely if it is not right?  What is the impact of me attempting to restore this backup to the C3000Z.

If this is not a safe option, is there any way to view the configuration of a backup file?  If I can just see some of the settings, I could mirror the setup manually.

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