Selected LAN IP via selected WAN to internet

I know than you can configure LAN1 to exit via WAN1, LAN2 with WAN2 and so on.
That is an interface rule so it works.

Due to poor internet connections I would like to let 1 specific IP on LAN1 to go on internet via WAN1 while the other PCs on LAN1 go via WAN2.
I need to have that specific IP (the one that has to go via WAN1) in LAN1 to let it works as a file/app server with an old software.

Is there any solution?

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    Policy routing.
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    You can create policy route settings (1). LAN1 to WAN1(the next hop choose to WAN1)  (1). LAN2 to WAN2(the next hop choose to WAN2), as below:

    Thanks :) .

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