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I know than you can configure LAN1 to exit via WAN1, LAN2 with WAN2 and so on.
That is an interface rule so it works.

Due to poor internet connections I would like to let 1 specific IP on LAN1 to go on internet via WAN1 while the other PCs on LAN1 go via WAN2.
I need to have that specific IP (the one that has to go via WAN1) in LAN1 to let it works as a file/app server with an old software.

Is there any solution?

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    You can create policy route settings (1). LAN1 to WAN1(the next hop choose to WAN1)  (1). LAN2 to WAN2(the next hop choose to WAN2), as below:

    Thanks :) .
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    Thanks, I played with that too.
    I can add to forum users that you have to select the routing policies for telling firewall (nebula or not) that a specific IP has to go to internet via a specific WAN.
    The most important thing is the order (priority column, first one on the left) you use to route packets.

    If you need a specific IP via a specific WAN, the rule has to be like:
    Source -> My_IP
    Destination -> Any
    Service -> Any
    Next-Hop -> WAN1

    Please consider that My_IP is a value (or an object) described with your specific IP that you need that goes via WAN1.
    WAN1 is an example of WAN you have onboard, anyway its value is related to the WAN you want that My_IP has to go through.

    The principle of operation (what I wrote above, aka the priority column) is that the firewall has to pickup packets in the order you need following the rules it reads in routing policies.

    Have a nice day.

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