Home&Life Hub vmg8825b50b in Bridge Mode

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I have one Home&Life Hub that's my internet provider in Italy gave to me 3 yrs ago, but I change the country and they leave the router. Now I'm trying to use this VMG8825 as my network extension for network and wifi.
I installed the router in my second floor and I´m try to leave in bridge mode, allowing to receive and distribute ips from the main router and allowing internet connection to browser.
Unfortunatelly the router in brigde mode does not assign IP Address and block the internet connection. 
The firmware version is 
  • V5.13(ABLZ.1)b10_20200422
Please someone knows how to solve the problem?
Thanks a lot

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    Hello @ undertale yellow, I also used to have the same issue. But it was solved after I enable bridge mode or select the option that allows the router to function as a bridge. Save the changes and wait for the router to reboot.
    After the router has rebooted, check the network settings to ensure that the router is receiving an IP address from the main router or modem. It should be set to receive an IP address dynamically (DHCP). You can try my method.

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    The same problem used to affect me as well. However, after I turned on bridge mode or chose the setting that lets the router act as a bridge, the issue was resolved. Wait for the router to reset after saving the modifications.

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