What are the firewall ports required to use Zyxel Nebula Control Center?

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There are two ways to locate the server IP. One is through NCC and the other is through nslookup of the server domain. However, do note the IPs might change in terms of system upgrades and new server deployments.

  1. Locate the IP in NCC

    On NCC, in Help Center > Firewall Information, enlists the ports and services required for nebula devices to be online and work properly.

    TCP 4335,6667: Port used for device netconf connection and management to Nebula Control Center.

    TCP 443: Port for users to access HTTPS websites in this case Nebula control center webpage, with PCs or laptops.

    UDP 123: Port for NTP time sync, Nebula devices require synchronizing a universal time, the feedback from Nebula devices to the server, and also statistical information greatly require a correct time kept on the devices.

    Please allow access to ports 123,443,4335,6667

    And please release the domain name “firmware.nebula.zyxel.com”. If you don’t release this domain, your firmware upgrade may fail.

  2. Locate the IP by nslookup

    Open CMD or the console of your desired terminal and nslookup d.nebula.zxyel.com to query the IP of the server.

    You can find the set of IPs if your DNS responds to this request.