What are the firewall ports required to use Zyxel Nebula Control Center?

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On NCC, in Help Center> Firewall Information , enlists the ports and services required for nebula devices to be online and work properly.

TCP 4335,6667: Port used for device netconf connection and management to Nebula Control Center.

TCP 443: Port for users to access HTTPS websites in this case Nebula control center webpage, with PCs or laptops.

UDP 123: Port for NTP time sync, Nebula devices require synchronizing a universal time, the feedback from Nebula devices to the server, and also statistical information greatly require a correct time kept on the devices.

Please allow access to ports 123,443,4335,6667


And please release the domain name “firmware.nebula.zyxel.com”. If you don’t release this domain, your firmware upgrade may fail.