Zyxel XMG3927-B50A connection drops

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Had this router about 5/6 months now, first couple of months perfect then all of a sudden on just the one device (laptop) the connection drops and disconnects me from the internet (router was provided by my ISP). Anyway, that laptop has gone and I upgraded and bought a new one, but it does the same thing. All the other devices connected to the router such has, firesticks, tvs, xbox, phones are all fine. Never disconnects or drops or anything bad. Its just happening to laptops. Even on the PC its fine.

I didn't know weather to connect my ISP or try here first.

This is what Ive found in the log, when connection drops out.

EDIT: I scrolled down further and there is more, but different log messages when it dropped out, I exported the log file, but I dont even know what Im looking for. I assume when I saw warning in the log, it was that. But there's more further down with different log messages when also it dropped out.

Also, I have to connect to guest 1 on my router to get internet, cos it doesn't let me connect back to the one that dropped.

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