Cable diagnostics function XGS1930

Good morning,
I have tested cable diagnostics function on XGS1930 and i have found a strange result about Cable lenght result.
I have test a cable of about 1 m leght but the test function detect a lenght of 4 m.
I have repeated the test with a 15 m cable and the test result 22m.
If i repeat the test with the same cable the result doesn't change.
Why there is this different beetwen real lenght and mesaure lenght?

This is the example with 1 m cable:


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    It's related to the cable quality and the peer device also affected, can you please unplug the peer side cable and test it again, please refer to the "Distance to fault" this time.
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    There is a 65m CAT.7 cable between a GS1900-8HP and a GS1900-24E.
    The cable lengths in tech-support logfiles are 8HP: 75m, 24E: 95m 
    so I understand the length as an approach.