EX5401-B0 firmware issue.

Good day. 
A friends has EX5401-B0 and the provider upgraded the firmware. After that his Chromecast cant find his Wifi. 
He got «Firmware 5.17(ABYO.3)C0»
We tried everything, but it wouldnt find it. This was the only device which had connection problems after the upgrade.

I also have EX5401-B0 and same provider, so I took the Chromecast home to me and and my Wifi pops up first try, no issues.
I have Firmware 5.17(ABYO.1)C0

What does the (ABYO. 1 / 2 / 3) stand for?

Im asking because when setting up the Chromecast at his place, we got the error that the "Chromecast was intended for another country then the WIFI."
But at my place I didnt get the message at all. So the only differences are the firmware update.

We are in Norway btw.

Kind Regards, volcomiks

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