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Dear support, i need to apply "APPLICATION PATROL" on this device, but our final customer want that for every static IP a different "APPLICATION PATROL" will be enabled (not rejected), for example the IP can do only outlook, the IP can do only outlook and https surf, the IP can do only whatsapp, etc. I sincerely tried your interface but found only "APPLICATION PATROL" to block application, not to enable it, can you help me ? Thanks!

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    Hi @aalfano_sirm
    We don't have 'whitelist" mechanism for App patrol.
    We will continue to enhance the function. 
    Thank you

  • Hello, 
    I am new here but I am just want to say In some cases, it is more suitable to use Application patrol instead of Content filtering. For example, applications like Netflix or Spotify may use multiple domains. Therefore content filtering may fail to block all websites containing this application. App patrol works well in the same scenario since it inspects all traffic content (regardless of domain) and looks for application patterns.

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