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Hello I like to know if is possible and if yes how to manage in Nebula Voucher that one code can be used only for one device it means if I use voucher code I can't login to WLAN with this code from any other device. 

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    Hi @Peto,

    Voucher code is time-based design for now, we provide users to configure simultaneous login limit to allow the corresponding amounts of clients use the same code to connect before the code expired.
    If the simultaneous login limit feature is configured, when achieve login limit and there is still a client trying to use the same code to connect, the Internet access of first connected station will be no longer available.

    And thanks for sharing us the idea, it's such a good point that let only one station connect via the code and not allow to login via the same code before it expired, let Voucher could also role as a device-based code with time limit.
    I’ll raise this idea, evaluate in our internal discussion.
    Please keep an eye on our website for any latest news.
    Thank you.

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  • Peto
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    Hi @Zyxel_HsinBo

    thank you for your comment. I hope my idea will come soon to true :) It would help me manage guest on my company WLAN. 

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