USG-110, exclude one specific ip-addresse from being written into the logfile.

My Internet Service Providor has got some new fancy equipment to monitor their network. Unfortuatnly this equipment ping my ip-address every 15 seconds and hence make a line in the logfile 'ACCESS BLOCK' .

Is it possible to somehow exclude this specific ip-address - from where the ping comes - from being written into the logfile?


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    To allow ping from the IP of this equipment to USG110, you can create a new security policy rule.
    From: WAN, To: ZyWALL, Source: IP address of the equipment, Service: ping, Action: allow, Log: no

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    Also, if you do not want to allow the ping request, the rule could look like this:

    From: WAN, To: ZyWALL, Source:, Service: ping, Action: deny, Log: no

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