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Hi everybody, I am trying to find out the best pathway for a migration from an NSG100 to an USGFlex200 at one of our sites --- all nebula managed. 

From this forum I (seem to) know, that a real migration is not possible; rather a step by step re-installation. 

So please: what is the best way to migrates in a proven step-by-step plan?
Like this: 

- remove nsg from nebula-site
- connect usgflex to router (dhcp enabled)
- configure wan interface...
- configrue lans...
- ...

is there a complete check-list available?

best regards, 

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    Welcome to Zyxel community. =) To avoid subnet overlapping, the first step is to remove NSG from Nebula, then proceed to provision FLEX to Nebula.
    I would start from setting interface IP, routing, and VPN related item. Once everything are ready, then only proceed to set up UTM security related items. 

    Interface > Routing > VPN > UTM/Security policy
  • Thanks. Hope I Stay online… somehow. 
    It would be nice to have migration possibilities in nebula…
    br jo

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