How to check the performance of the device?

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To directly check the device performance, you can use tools like iperf3 or openspeedtest to set up a server and test the performance locally on the device.

In this example, we will use the NBG7510 as the device in the lab. Follow the steps below to set up the lab:

We’ll take NBG7510 as the example in the lab

1.Install iperf3 and openspeedtest server on LAPTOP_1:

2.Set static IP for LAPTOP_1 and WAN IP on NBG7510:

  • Set a static IP, e.g.,, for LAPTOP_1.
  • Log in to the NBG7510 web GUI and set a static WAN IP, e.g.,

2.2  Log in NBG7510 web GUI and set up wan static IP for it



3. Install Iperf3 on LAPTOP_1 and LAPTOP_2:

  • Extract the iperf3 zip file and copy cygwin1.dll and iperf3.exe to C:\Windows\System32 so that you can use the iperf3 command without specifying the path.

  Install openspeedtest server on LAPTOP_1:
  • Download OpenSpeedTest-Server 2.1.7.exe for Windows X86-64 on LAPTOP_1.
  • Execute the downloaded file, and the server will start automatically without the need for additional settings.

Test Process


1.    To execute iperf, Please open cmd in Windows OS and execute below commands on the clients acting as the iperf server.

2.    C:\> iperf –s

3.  For the Windows client (LAPTOP2) connected on the NBG7510 router.

     C:\> iperf -c -P 10 -t 10 -i 1
The attached parameter means the client will connect to the server IP and test for 10 seconds with 10
parallels per second


Open chrome browser on LATOP2 and type the IP address show on the server site

Then you can click start to do the test.