NWA50AX connected to Zyxel Nebula offline if Internet connection is down?

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i've 5 NWA50AX connected to nebula at a customer with bad internet connection (disconnects randomly).

Every time the internet disconnects, the Access Points and the meshed WiFI is going offlline, even with static ip addresses.

Is there a way to keep the wifi running, even if the internet connection is down? Why is a permanent internet connection even needed? Is there a work around?

Thanks for your help!

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    As Nebula is a cloud management platform, device will just showing online in Nebula while the connection between AP and internet success.   

    Actually, the WiFi will keep running even if the internet connection is down. However, usually the AP clients will leave the AP since there is no internet connection. Else, you have to force your AP clients connecting with AP by changing the client’s WiFi setting.  


    We would like to know the reason that caused your customer having a bad internet connection. May you share with us the current firmware version of NWA50AX, deployment of the network, and screenshot the event log while disconnection happened. Or, you may help us to enable the Zyxel support at Nebula CC >> Help center > Support request and provide us your org/site name, we will help you to have a further check. 



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