Zyxel NWA90AX, Offline in Nebula Cloud

I have a concern regarding to our NWA90AX, it is already connected to the Nebula Cloud, and it says Offline in Access Point Status Monitoring even though we can connect to its Wi-Fi with Internet Connection. Also, No LAN IP & Gateway in the Access Point Status.

Thanks in advance for the help and tips.

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    According to your symptom description, please ensure that your firewall or ISP has
    traffic allowed for TCP port 443, 4335, and 6667, which are used by Nebula services.

    Replace your AP's first DNS setting with the static IP address "”.

    For more detailed AP offline check tips information, please refer to the link below :

    If the AP is still offline on Nebula after you have done the check, please help us to activate Zyxel support access, we’ll looking into your site to check the reason asap.

    Thank you.

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