How to configure IP v6 on Armor G5

The manual provides a basic overview but could someone with a working IP v6 provide tips or screenshots to help set up IP v6 on the G5? I use Xfinity Comcast and do not see any values for IP6 (as I see for IP4). Xfinity Comcast is now fully enabled for IP v6 but perhaps I need to call Comcast to enable something on my cable modem (which is Arris S33)? Two Armor G5 setup screenshots are attached.
Thank you.

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    If you're ISP support IPv6, ISP would provide you dynamic or static IP address, you can ask your ISP for more information, if you cannot reach ISP, you can collect the packet on the WAN side of your router and capture the packet to analyze it and find out what type of IPv6 you're ISP provided.

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