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Hello, I have NBG6604. When I don't use my phone for a while and then I need to use it with some application that uses the internet, I have to wait a while for the internet to start working on the phone. I am connecting to 5ghz wifi. Can it be solved somehow?

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    You can check the firmware, is it in the latest firmware?
    You can refer to the link to get the firmware.

    I use my Iphone 12, it can surf the internet immediately after 30 mins, how much time you're not on your mobile?
  • My FW is up to date. I would be idle on my phone only for 3 minutes and then i must waiting internet to start workin'. It same on 2 other phones :)

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    Hi @smarticek

    Please share your NBG6604 configuration to us in a private message, we would like to check the configuration and check the problem in this case.
    And could you provide what application you are using and the mobile model and os version?

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