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Hello support,

in my SSID list, I have a profile with name "default" which is for the administrative VLAN.
I can't remove it.
Is it something set up by the WLAN AP?
I don't want a SSID for my administrative VLAN, it's a security issue.
How can I remove it?
Kind regards

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_HsinBo
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    Hi @mat17,


    You can edit the default SSID profile, replace the VLAN ID with the specific VLAN you expect to apply, then the default SSID will not use VLAN 1 to avoid the problem which you concerned.


    Or you can add a new SSID profile configure with specific VLAN ID.


    PATH: Local GUI >> Left sidebar “Configuration” >> Object “AP Profile” >> SSID >> +Add

    After SSID VLAN ID configured, replace the default SSID profile with the new created one to the AP.


    PATH: Local GUI >> Left sidebar “Configuration” >> Wireless “AP Management” >> MBSSID Settings (Radio 1 -> 2.4GHz, Radio 2 -> 5GHz)

    Thank you.

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