I haven't had a chance to get human support through the website until now, I've been trying for weeks...
That's why I see writing to you here as a last resort.

Firstly, I need a password reset for my login for the box settings because I cannot log in there and secondly, I absolutely must have answered a question, Yallo is not helping me there and referred me to you.
(I have a yallo home fiber box: AX7501-BO)

How can I disable the WPA-3 security protocol (WPA-3 security key) on my WLAN router, on which WPA-3 and WPA-2 security protocols are activated?

My printer is only compatible with the WPA-2 security protocol.
I would be glad if you could, help me or forward my question to the right person.

Many thanks for your help.

With kind regards, A.

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