NBG7815 Port 80 and forwarding

I bought a NBG7815 router for the 10gb port yesterday. However I can't forward Port 80. I run my own server and cloud which needs that port. I was also displeased at having to set up an account to use a device I bought that generally does not need an account. What happens if Zyxel stop trading? Do I end up with a brick (useless device)?

Issue 1 is port 80. You need to change this. It is not acceptable in this day an age for a router to disallow the forwarding of port 80. You have plenty of other ports open which can use for use for your cloud account stuff.

Issue 2. After setting up the router I now get a "service unavailable" message so can't even log into it. I don't want to have to go about resetting it for the second time. The first was because it decided to not work after I changed the IP address and connected it to my modem.

If anyone in the community can help or offer advice on the above it would be appreciated.

As for Zyxel I now have three options. 1. I can wait for OpenWrt who are currently working on it, 2. I can root it and try to forward the port myself or 3. I return the device as not fit for purpose as I am within the return timescale. At the moment I am looking at 3. So please tell me your intentions with fixing this so I can make an informed choice. You have to understand if someone is buying your router then they generally have an internet connection over the standard 1gb and there is usually a good reason for that. Sure some use it for gaming but I would say that a very large percentage are paying for the extra bandwidth for the exact same reason as me.

I await a response in this matter. As I said if anyone in the community has any ideas on my problems that would brilliant, thanks.

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  • Scoot
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    Zyxel. Please answer this as I will return it this week and make a point of letting everyone know how useless this router is.
  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @Scoot

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    We currently don’t have the plan to implement certain changing on Armor G5. 

    However, your suggestion will be taken into consideration in the follow-up new models.

    The Zyxel server will not stop the service for at least three years and this service is considered as our long term service.

    For the login process, when doing the setup, after syncing to the server, you have to set up a local password for the device.

    Once the local password is set up, you can log in to the device without the internet.

  • Scoot
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    Hi, Thanks for coming back to me. I did set a local password and could log in but for some reason now I can't. Not stopping the service for 3 years isn't an option really. Sure it's out of warranty but why would I keep something that could be a brick in 3 years time, I had my last router for 6 years. Also, I can't forward basic ports? I would say you are going to get a lot of people returning these which is a shame as I quite liked it but I'm not paying nearly £200 for a device I don't really own or can control.
  • PeterUK
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    Seems everything is going to the cloud I hope they don't do that to the SECURITY models.

    Port 80 is being stopped not because of the cloud but remote login even if you don't need that.

    If the config is in plain text and you can backup and restore it and its just the GUI stopping you edit the port for 80 and see if that works.   
  • Scoot
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    It's alright. I'm sending it back. Even if I do gain root (which is pretty straight forward) if they stop supporting it and I have to do a factory reset the only way to set it up is by logging into their cloud. I'm also not sure how secure it is. I did a port scan and there are lots of ports open plus the SSL certificate is invalid. Not what I expect from a £200 router.
  • Scoot
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    just to add to this the issue I think though I can't confirm it with logging in is that the router allows you to forward port 443. So I'm getting the router log in page but the moment it switches to SSL/HTTPS I lose it. Maybe an idea to remove the ability to forward that port if you can't forward port 80.
  • jerry848
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    I own the Zyxel M1 Multiapp mesh router. This is truly unbelievable.  No router I have EVER used has restricted the forwarding of port 80.  It is proving impossible for me to get my SSL Certificate as the program they use to create the certificate requires my website be accessible on port 80 before it will issue one. 

    I changed the 443 port to a strange port and now I can login from my local LAN by specifying https://{IP NUM}:{weird port num}.  The web portal now dies whenever I try to use it, but I don't care about that.  The android app still works and the local access of the router still works.

    This is a massive negative for getting this router.  My reviews of this router will reflect this major issue.
  • tonygibbs16
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    Hi all,

    Please do upvote the Consumer Ideas item about this at https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/15470/2022-zyxel-stupidest-mistakes-they-should-fix-in-2023#latest so that Zyxel hear more about needing to fix port 80 forwarding.

    Kind regards,

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