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Hi folks!
I have a Zyxel Nebula NR5101 with a factory firmware V1.00 (ACCG.3)co
I am new here and do not understand your coding...
I see on the downloads page there are the following:
1.15(ACCG.1)C0 Nov 04 2022
1.15(ACCG.0)C0 Aug 00 2022

Can someone explain the (ACCCG.1) and (ACCCG.0) for the two updates? Is it something to do with patch 0 and patch 1 for the 1.15 update?

If that is the case - then my unit came with an older version and (ACCCG.3) Patch 3

I might be guessing and do not want to upgrade the firmware without knowing how Zyxel codes their firmware.

I would appreciate some help on this....;)

Thank you!


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    The firmware version is indicated by the first number.
    If there are new features or significant improvements, we will release a new major version.
    The patch number, also known as the minor firmware version, is used to fix bugs in the current major version.
    For example, the version 1.15(ACCG.1) includes bug fixes that were present in version 1.15(ACCG.0) or earlier versions.

    You can find more information on firmware releases on the Zyxel Networks download page."
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    Hi Zyxel_HsinBo!
    You sort of answer the question but not fully...
    Zyxels own wording in these firmware updates is confusing and I want to make sure that I am ok to use the latest firmware...

    This is what the latest update says:

    Zyxel Nebula NR5101 V1.15(P1)C0 Release Note Overview This document provides firmware release information on Zyxel NR5101, new features and enhancements, bug fix, known issues and workarounds information for Release V1.15 Patch1 C0. This Firmware is for Nebula Mobile NR5101 only (Part Number: NR5101- EUZNN1F), NOT for on premise models. Supported Platforms  Nebula NR5101 V1.15(ACCG.1)C0 the first part it states "This Firmware is for Nebula Mobile NR5101 (which I have already stated is the one I have)

    BUT....this is where the choice of words is confusing....

    Supported Platforms  Nebula NR5101 V1.15(ACCG.1)C0

    Looking at the above statement one would naturally assume that the supported platform must have the V1.15(ACCG.1)C0 update already installed to be able to install it....Obviously that doesn't make sense....but it is confusing nevertheless....

    I would like a clear statement stating that all firmware updates on the downloads page for Zyxel NR5101?

    The reason I want this clarity is because I have downloaded firmware updates before supposedly for the unit I have and then they don't work....and the company concerned denied all attempts to get help....


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