AP NWA50AX disconnects and says that wifi password is not correct

I have a WiFi set up using a NWA50AX for about 6 months.
All worked very well until recently.
In the last few weeks I noticed that the WiFi connection kept dropping. When trying to re-establish it, I got often the answer
"the WiFi password is not correct."

Yet, the password is stored with reconnect automatically and there was no password change.

As I have several SSID I try the other networks and I get the same answer. After keeping trying,  after a while it reconnect correctly.

Did you have already seen such behaviour?
How to fix it?
It is very annoying.


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    Hi @Varoppe, 


    Sometimes, the condition that you encountered may be caused by the unstable WiFi connection like packet loss due to the low WiFi signal. 


    To ensure a stable WiFi connection, please ensure that the signal level between your wireless device and the access point is higher than -65dBm. You can check your WiFi signal strength using a third-party WiFi signal analyzer app(ex: for iPhone, for Android, for Window) at your device. The higher signal(dBm) level, the better WiFi strength. 


    If the issue is not related to signal strength, please provide more details so that we can better understand your problem. This might include information about your network topology, the AP's firmware version, SSID configuration, and the AP’s clients information that is experiencing dropped WiFi connections. Alternatively, you can enable Zyxel support in the Nebula CC >> Help center >> Support request and provide us with your organization/site name and the time that problem occurred so that we can investigate directly.



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