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    I'm not sure what Zyxel was thinking with a cut down feature for Nebula, I want the kitchen sink. ;)

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    WAN2: Allow POP3-SMTP

    Now if i configure a policy routing for POP3 and SMTP they pretend to work only on WAN1 or only on WAN2 but cannot work on both of them, also i have WAN2 that is a backup channel with low limit on monthly bandwidth so i cannot pretend to use it when WAN1 is working and cause to break the monthly limit costantly.


    Regarding this requirement,  maybe you could consider deploying the USG Flex 200 to on-premise mode and configuring two security policies to meet your requirement, as in the below example:

    WAN1_Policy to allow HTTP-HTTPS-POP3-SMTP services.

    WAN2_Policy to allow POP3-SMTP services.

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    I want to try and help, so essentially you just want SMTP traffic (Port 25) to send out via WAN2?

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