How to backup running configuration if forgot password?

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Note: You must physically beside at your device, and using serial connection for below SOP

You can follow these steps to backup device running config:

1. Reboot device

2. Enter debug mode and type “atkz –b”

3. Use “atgo” booting device

4. Now device will reset system-default configuration and backup old startup-config.conf to “startup-config-back.conf”

5. After device boot up, download “startup-config-back.conf” to replace admin’s password.

a.)Find out the below CLI(prefix with “username admin encrypted-password”) in “startup-config-back.conf”

username admin encrypted-password $4$encryptedpasswordencryptedpassword$ user-type admin

b.)Replace CLI to……

username admin password yournewpassword user-type admin

6.      Save and rename startup-config-back.conf, upload to device and apply it.


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    Hi There,

    We had trouble with our Passwordmanager and lost access to an ATP200 and an ATP500.

    Can you confirm that this procedure works for these devices also?

    Looking fordward to your reply,