PLA6457 software

- Possibility to Reboot the PLA-6457 through the web-interface. Now I have to take the plug out of the socket, my connected plug now goes powerless as well.
- Possibility ti switch off the led's on the plug through the web-interface. It looks like a disco in the dark
- Possibility to download and check firmware updates through the webinterface
- Cornfirmation box for password changes to enter the PLA-6457
- Software (take a look at competitor DEVOLO) to monitor your PLA-network incl. possibilities to update firmware. In fact de DEVOLO also works for Zyxel PLA-6457 but that is not the idea I guess...
- Make a decent interface which is not amateur looking like it is now. 

THe PLA works great but the webinterface and lack of software make it look as an unfinished product.
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