Application bandwidth limit?

I am using NWA110AX for my staff's wifi access in my design studio about 8 months. I like one of the NWA110AX function threat protection in CNP+. It seems I see less unsafe sites recently, feel happy and safe while browsing the websites.

I found there is application bandwidth limit setting in nebula, is it limiting bandwidth usage by connected device or simply by whole access point? Btw, email, video call, file transfer… are used every day in my studio, I need to ensure these applications work smoothly, do you have recommendation for how to configure the bandwidth limit?

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    Hi there,


    Limiting bandwidth usage is one function of security service with CNP+ license. AP can control traffic on sites, limit data rate for specific service on AP, keep the bandwidth for higher priority tasks/ applications. The configure rate is applied to each wireless station, for example, if set the bandwidth limit is 5Mbps for Game application, each connected device get the maximum rate as 5Mbps when browsing Game application.


    To configure the bandwidth limit, please follow the steps below:

    Go to Access point > Configure > Security service, and enable Application visibility & Optimization

    Click View Application and configure Bandwidth limit here

    The list of application will be shown by Category, click the Limit icon

    Set the rate by typing the value, click OK and Save.

    We can see the each AP’s usage by click the filter of specific AP.