WAP3205v3 - LAN DHCP Server in AP mode?

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I need a device to connect a small number of wired and wireless devices together in a music studio. This would be a disconnected, standalone network - ie no internet access, no other router or AP would be involved. So I would need the device providing the network to issue DHCP addresses to both the wired and wireless clients, and for them all to be able to talk to each other.

I was looking at the WAP3205v3 as a possible device for doing this. Looking at the manual, it looks like I would need it in AP mode for this scenario. The manual says AP mode bridges the LAN and wireless ports together, so that sounds like it would allow the devices to contact each other as needed. However, the manual also shows a screenshot of AP mode setup where it says the LAN DHCP server is disabled. Is this just the default, or is it not possible at all to enable the LAN DHCP server when in AP mode?
Many thanks.

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