NWA90AX - how to shutdown in NCC ?


I'm new with Zyxel devices, so please apologize my beginner question, but I didn't find an answer so far.

I bought an NWA90AX Access Point and in the manual it says

Always use Maintenance > Shutdown or the shutdown command
before you turn off the Zyxel Device or remove the power. Not doing so
can cause the firmware to become corrupt.

I'm using the Nebula Control Center and cannot find this menu or a similar one - only a reboot option, but that is not what I want as I need to power the device off.

When I log in locally with its internal IP, there is a maintenance menu but not with a shutdown option.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

And what would happen in the event of a blackout? Is there a real danger of damaging the AP?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, plasmediaX

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    Hi @plasmediaX,


    Thank you for sharing with us your using experience!


    We don’t need to shutdown AP before turning off/ removing power anymore, so don’t worry when you need to power the device off directly. AP and firmware don’t meet any danger of damaging.


    Regarding to the User guide and related document, we’ll revise in the next version.