How to upgrade firmware by ZON?

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The ZON only supports a standalone mode AP for the firmware upgrade, it doesn't support to upgrade the firmware for a managed mode AP.


The AP with incomplete certificates will keep in standalone mode.


1.    Click “settings” (the rightest gear button on the menu bar) to ensure the Ethernet adapter is selected.


Select APs you want to upgrade firmware, press Firmware Upgrade. (Suggest multiple select up to 5 Access points at one time)




Select Local upgrade and click Browse… to choose the firmware file. Because the Access point hasn’t provisioned by NCC to adopt Nebula’s local credential in the site-wide setting, so use the local device password here, enter the default password 1234 if you haven’t changed local device password.

(If device is managed on Nebula, please check the account password from Nebula >Left Sidebar "Site-wide" > General Settings > Local credentials )

Then Click OK to start upgrade firmware.


NOTE: In rare case if there is a firewall between the PC running ZON and the NebulaFLEX AP, UDP port 69 (TFTP traffic) should add TFTP rule to the firewall settings or close firewall when you want ZON to upgrade device firmware.